Shea Butter and A Plethora of Benefits

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Shea Butter is produced from the nuts of the Karite (shea) tree native to Eastern and Western African countries. Karite trees are grown abundantly in the wild. The best quality shea butter is wild-harvested and undergoes the traditional process of crushing and extraction, followed by the final procedures by those skillful in its production. The producers are often women who rely on producing shea butter for employment. The rising demand for shea butter created  fair labour and trade opportunities.

Though primarily used for cosmetic purposes, shea butter is edible and used for cooking in some African countries. This fact is a testament to its non-toxic nature. Consequently, shea butter is used as a base in many ointments, salves, butters, balms, etc. Others find benefit in its purpose as an SPF 3/4.

The highest grade of shea butter is 'A,' unrefined and raw. According to the United States Agency for International Development, Grade 'A' is the highest classifier of shea butter. An indication of its inherently pure and unadulterated quality is the nutty aroma which is non-evident in refined and lower classifications of shea butter. Bel Organyx proudly offers Grade 'A" shea butter from Eastern and Western African regions, securing the best. Shop Organic Shea Butter


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